Current project – Mikael Svärdh

Founder & CEO of Tailsweep
I ran a private tech blog in 2006 just for fun and realized that there was a huge potential in blog advertising on the Swedish market and put together a plan to start Tailsweep, a product company specialized in blog advertising and Social media outreach. Accomplishments:

  • Weekly reach of 5.6 Million Unique Browsers in the Swedish Tailsweep Network.
  • Growing from 0 to 28 MSEK in turnover in 3 years.
  • Profitable company since 2009
  • DI Gasell 2012, nominated for being one of the fastest growing companies in Sweden
  • Nominated for ‘Sales organization of the year’ in both 2010 & 2011
  • Third position in IDGs ‘Entrepreneur of the year’ of 2008, above Spotify, Bambuser & Videoplaza
  • Past experience

    CEO, 2007
    Turnover: 11.3 MSEK. EBITDA: 7.4 MSEK

    Business Account Manager, Search, Eniro. 2006
    Head of product development & release management for,, and

    Business Account Manager, Yellow, Eniro. 2005
    Head of product development & release management for Yellow Pages Nordic.

    Business Account Manager Portals, Eniro. 2002
    Head of product development & release management for Eniro Portals.

    Production Manager & Portal Manager Passagen, Eniro. 2001
    Production & Portal manager for

    Executive Assistant to CEO, Scandinavia Online/Schibsted. 2000
    Listed on the O-list of the Stockholm Stock Exchange and on the Oslo Stock Exchange. Acquired by Eniro in 2001.

    Project Manager, E-commerce, Scandinavia Online/Schibsted. 1999
    Built a platform for E-commerce, the most profitable branch of Scandinavia Online.

    Editor-In-Chief, Scandinavia Online/Schibsted 1997
    Started a Nordic branch of the ZD product ‘Gamespot’. It was profitable and got acquired by Egmont in 1999. Today it’s called ‘Gamereactor’.

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